In a recent article, I hinted what my views on abortions are. Truth is, I don’t really have a strong opinion and I believe what we really need, as a society and as individuals who are facing the dilemma of abortions, is a thorough understanding of everything at stake. And what I find lacking in most articles that I read … Read more

The Late Period.

One or two days late is not even a thing. Doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Three days late is still fine, no biggie.

Four days starts feeling a bit puzzled.

Five days the period is still not here. That’s strange. Should I be concerned? I’m looking at my app to see. When did we have sex exactly? Did we take … Read more

Amazing, imperfect sex.

When you make love mindfully, not every moment is blissful and magical.

Last night I was having sex.

Not just sex – sex with a guy.

A beautiful, slow, lovemaking session.

It was really great and pleasurable, until at one particular moment when a tiny shift in position created a burning sensation in my vulva. Within seconds, my mind was … Read more

Sexuality Myth Busting.

Thinking people don’t take things at face value.

We examine and explore and look at information to test if it holds true in our experience.

This is true for women and men alike.

And if you read my blog, there’s a good chance you’re one of us.

This website is written for those who like to question what most people … Read more

Bloody Period.

I wanted to write this blog post since way before I started my website.

It’s about a truth so empowering and so unbelievable that I was a little afraid to share it with the world. I was fearing you’d think I’m a radical hippie. Which I’m not.

What to do with all this blood?

When I was about 12 years … Read more

How to Let Go in Bed.

The importance of letting go in bed couldn’t be stressed highly enough.

Most of us have heard this and we understand that in order to fully enjoy the highs of sexual arousal with a man, and in order to be able to climax, we need to let go.

To quote Dr. Louanne Brizendine from her book The Female Brain:… Read more

Jade Egg Review – Part I

A couple of weeks ago I asked you if you would like to read my personal experience with the jade egg, and I received a resounding yes.

I also received a few questions, and I decided to start with an introductory post before I dive into telling about my own experience.

Who is this review for?

It’s for you … Read more

Vagina Self Care

No discussion about fully enjoying our sexuality can be complete without addressing the important issue of the health of our genitals.

In order to really enjoy life, and a satisfying sex life as an integral part of it, we need to look after our body.

General health is very important, and we all know that in order to be healthy … Read more