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why learn from me:

I’ve been there

I used to worry that something's wrong with me because I didn't really care about sex. Because it wasn't all that enjoyable like what I always thought it *should* be. And even though I read all the tips and tricks to make sex amazing, it always felt like nothing helps.

That is, until I realized what was missing.

Then I reconnected with my innocence

I’ve learned that I don’t need to change myself in order to enjoy sex. On the contrary: trying to be some sex diva, or trying to enjoy it like a porn star, was exactly what was holding me back from having a deeply satisfying sex life. And now that I know what actually creates a real, wholesome transformation to any woman’s sex life, I decided to share this with the world.

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About me:

First, I want to tell you who I am not.

I am not some sexy diva;

I am not a hippie love-goddess;

I am not calling my genitals YONI or PUSSY or DELICIOUSNESS;

I am not someone who was always happy and satisfied with a proactive approach to her sex life.

And I will never tell you that “if you follow just this one simple step you are guaranteed to have an orgasm every time you have sex”. Never.

My name is Maya.

I know that any woman – any woman – has a limitless potential to fully enjoy her sex life.

I know that all the techniques in the world, of how to have a better/stronger/multiple orgasms, are pointless – until you cultivate the innate knowledge and build the confidence to be precisely who you need to be as a lover.

I know the deeper causes that hold you back from enjoying your sex life.

And I can show you how to evolve beyond those barriers that hold you back and become a woman who relishes her sexuality.

Maya is highly skilled, and very kind and peaceful when dealing with us...

...In a way it was like letting the inner child come out and have a little fun instead of the sense of duty one feels with their partners...

...the lovemaking became better and we ended up having better orgasms.


Maya is kind and generous with her time, resources and knowledge. She takes time to listen and really get to know the individual and the issues they are facing in their sex life and beyond. I love that we didn’t only focus on sex as a topic of discussion but we did deep work into releasing patterns of self-worth I’ve carried for a long time. Increasing my self-worth and confidence as rippled into my sex life as I’m able to connect more deeply to my body and to my partner, communicating more openly than ever before.


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