The Last Blog Post of 2017

I started this blog in March 2017.

I published a blog post every single week ever since.

And I very quickly realized that my message is not unique.

There are so many amazing people out there doing a similar work. Our message might vary slightly, but the similarities way outweigh the differences.

What we’re saying is pretty much this:

  • The
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Reflections on a Sexy Christmas.

Last year, Christmas was outstanding.

My daughter was away for a couple of days, spending Christmas with her dad. And I had time by myself, alone in the house on the outskirts of Sydney – along with the Eucalypts, the birds, and the quietness.

I was really looking forward to staying at home and doing nothing.

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Closing the Orgasm Gap

The orgasm gap is a term that refers to the well-researched reality that, generally speaking, men tend to have more orgasms than women while having sex.

I would like to suggest an unorthodox approach to the reason why it exists. And to present a thought-provoking idea of how to eradicate it completely.

Why is there an orgasm gap?

After millennia … Read more