I have yet to experience a G-Spot Orgasm.

The other day I had the honor of speaking to Xanet Pailet, the woman behind The Power of Pleasure. She said she had a different experience to something I wrote about orgasms. In my article "Things everything should know about the female orgasm" I stated that - an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm. I mentioned that science [...]

I Want to Tell You About Arousal NonConcordance

I want the entire world to read Emily Nagosky's book Come As You Are. I mentioned her work here, with a link to her TEDx talk which summarises the most important principles from her book. One of the things which she explains in her book, which is what I would like to discuss here, is the [...]

Becoming a Confident Lover.

Meet the confident lover. A lover that expects that every sexual encounter will be absolutely enjoyable, both for themselves and for their partner. He or she is assured that what they do in bed will result in satisfaction. For the confident lover, sex is fun, exciting and fulfilling. Time and time again. Would you like [...]