Female Masturbation, Slow Sex Style

First thing’s first.

I dislike the word masturbation.

It sounds a bit clinical and somehow degrading.

I much rather use terms like solo sex, or self-pleasuring. They are more beautiful and in line with conveying the new paradigm of sex that I am promoting.

But… My title is so much better for search engines so I’m keeping it! Sorry if … Read more

Crossing the Line to Turn On Your Sex Life:

This one is for you if you are uncomfortable with sex and your sexuality.

It’s for you if the thought of sex makes you cringe a little. Or if you have mixed emotions of excitement and “yuckiness” and everything in between.

It’s also for you if you have an active, seemingly magnificent sex life, but something doesn’t feel quite right.… Read more

Damn-good (mostly) free sex tips.

Soon after I started this blog, the creepy crawlers started attacking it.

I was flooded with comments from porn sites, penis enlargement miracles, and witch doctors that can miraculously bring back your husband even years after he left you for a super-model.

It didn’t take me too long to disable comments on my site.


Every now and then, though, … Read more

Some on dating.

When I started this blog, I was in a really beautiful relationship.

It was the best relationship of my life so far.

We had lots of things in common. We had a very intimate connection. The sex was the best I ever experienced with anyone. And the way we communicated with each other, verbally and non-verbally, made me feel so … Read more