The way I see it, Valentine’s is simply another opportunity to remind your partner how much you care for them, and how much you appreciate them being in your life. And although flowers and a card can always be nice, how about some unconventional Valentine’s gift ideas this year?

  • Intimacy products that are truly good for you! Check out Good Clean Love Valentine’s special here for products that support a connecting, wholehearted experience with your partner. I am completely inspired by their business – the science behind their products, the philosophy around love and intimacy they promote, and their business approach, too – which is the reason I became their affiliate. They also have a Valentine’s special so make sure you check their promo code. You get products that support your body on all levels, and you get the opportunity to enjoy your love life on a whole different level.
  • Of course, dedicating some time as a couple to learn more about being good in bed is a great option for spending a Valentine’s afternoon – look at the Women’s Sexuality Online Conference or at the Slow Sex Pleasure for HER workshop.
  • Chocolate is considered by many to be an aphrodisiac, and although this might not necessarily be a scientific-backed truth, it’s fun to eat it anyway! How about making a heatlthy-ish chocolate treat for your partner, full with yummy goodness and love? I think this recipe fits the bill.
  • Sometimes gifting to a stranger is more rewarding than buying gifts for your lover. How about writing a Valentine’s to a real-life hero? Amnesty Canada is initiating this amazing project, in which you write a card to a land defender, they print it and give it on your behalf to someone that is risking their freedom to protect the greater good. Read more here.
  • And how can I write a post about Valentine’s gifts without including some lingerie? Well, obviously, not your conventional lingerie – more like sustainable, ethical, body-positive underwear that makes you feel really good about yourself. Check out the Jackfruit Label.

Now that I covered a few unconventional Valentine’s gift ideas, please remember that the most important Valentine’s idea is to connect to your partner and show them how much you care.

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