A Little About Orgasmic Meditation – A TEDx Talk by Bez Stone.

In the last email of my e-course, I mention Orgasmic Meditation (OM).

It’s a simple technique of Slow Sex that is quite formal – as in, it has an easy-to-follow set of rules that can help with keeping your mind focused on the moment while practicing it. In my opinion, this method is very confronting, which works best for the type of women who like to rip the band-aid off violently, metaphorically speaking.

Personally, I’m into taking the band-aid off slowly and patiently without any pain and discomfort, which is why OM is not my preferred slow sex approach.

Still, the wisdom behind it and the information they provide is pure gold.

In this TEDx talk, Bez Stone – an OM teacher –  explains what we need to understand about the female orgasm, and it’s really good!

I especially like her diagram that conveys the winding path of the female orgasm. Have a look for yourself: