To Foreskin or Not to Foreskin?…

Four months into being single, and I am finally feeling like I want to start meeting men again. Not necessarily going fully into dating, more like sending my tentacles out there and have a feel of the dating atmosphere.

I mentioned this to a friend, and she immediately replied she has someone to introduce to me.

“He’s Jewish”. 

She probably … Read more

Binge Eating – I confess.

I am standing in the chocolate aisle of the supermarket. I’ve been craving a little bit of chocolate since lunchtime. Probably before lunch even. My favorite chocolate used to come in a small portion. These days I can only find it in a family size package.

It’s on special.

I am standing and debating with myself. Family size is a … Read more

Talented Women Objectifying Their Body.

I’m going to use mainstream music videos as a reference point, as it happens there more than anywhere else I can think of.

The most amazingly talented women, with voices that send shivers up and down your spine, decide to use provocative clothing that show more than they conceal, dance moves that look like they were taken directly from a … Read more