8 Dating Rules for Non-Hookup Culture.

My 48-year-old friend told me about his dating experience with a millennial. They went on one date. She didn’t want to date him again, and she told him why. She said, he blew it because he wasn’t confident enough to ask for sex.

I once dated a millennial, too. Second date, he invited me to his place. I seriously — … Read more

This Is Why I Don’t Rush Into Sex.

Slow, conscious sex is also about taking my time before jumping into bed with someone for the first time.

“Let’s wait before we have sex”, said Mr. Right. 

I didn’t mind.

We’ve been together for about a month. Both in our mid-thirties. Seasoned in relationships, some short, some long-ish. We waited another month before we had sex for the first … Read more

The Sleepy Orgasm

When I’m super tired, it’s easier for me to orgasm.

My eyes are closed. I’m enjoying some special touch from my partner. It feels so beautiful and I’m flying into the clouds and landing on the soft ground, surrounded by brown autumn leaves.

A fraction of a second later and I’m back to reality. Oh, I’m having sex, am I? A … Read more

How Often Should You Have Sex?

I recently resurrected my online dating profile.

I’m back on a mission to find a suitable match and I’m taking it semi-seriously.

One of the things which I tend to do, is look at the match percentage with potential candidates. I love this feature. Saves me some “interview questions” when we actually meet.

One very interesting question which I come … Read more