Having Sex as Parents of Young Children.

How often do you have sex? Is it once a month? Or once every 3 months?

You know, it’s totally normal. Many parents of young children are in the exact same boat. I mean, really, your biggest priority in life is to care for your children. It’s a huge responsibility. You need to work to provide for your children … Read more


In a recent article, I hinted what my views on abortions are. Truth is, I don’t really have a strong opinion and I believe what we really need, as a society and as individuals who are facing the dilemma of abortions, is a thorough understanding of everything at stake. And what I find lacking in most articles that I read … Read more

Why Did It Happen to Me?

What we need to ask ourselves in order to fully heal.

Find the common thread:

I went to see one of my favorite therapists to help my body unblock itself from something rather yucky.

She casually mentioned that her wife has decided to leave her. After seven years as a family, raising their 4 children together, including their youngest which … Read more

The Late Period.

One or two days late is not even a thing. Doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Three days late is still fine, no biggie.

Four days starts feeling a bit puzzled.

Five days the period is still not here. That’s strange. Should I be concerned? I’m looking at my app to see. When did we have sex exactly? Did we take … Read more

When teachings get awkward.

I had an interesting discussion with one of my readers, about teachers and teachings.

There are so many amazing teachers out there, and at the end of the day, each one of us will resonate with a different teacher. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And still… Some teachers (or organizations that take it upon themselves to teach on behalf of … Read more

Fasting and the Slow Sex

My guy recently did a 3-day water fast and raved how good it made him feel.

I was curious and decided to try it myself. Who knows? I might feel so good so why not?

Now, I am no health-guru and I won’t go over the health benefits and risks of such a fast. If you’re so inclined, feel free … Read more

How can I want to want to have sex?

I received a few different versions of this question from my female readers:

“I think I might be asexual. Perhaps I did enjoy sex with my partner at some stage, and the truth is it’s not horribly bad – he’s actually making an effort to please me – but I’m just never in the mood. I’d rather do other things

Read more