Vagina Self Care

No discussion about fully enjoying our sexuality can be complete without addressing the important issue of the health of our genitals.

In order to really enjoy life, and a satisfying sex life as an integral part of it, we need to look after our body.

General health is very important, and we all know that in order to be healthy … Read more

Do I Need to Love my Lady Bits?

Do you know your lady bits?

Those parts of the body that are not meant to be seen by the general public?

It’s very fashionable in some circles, to learn to love your lady bits. “Appreciate your pussy” workshops where you take photos of your vulva (meaning, the outer parts of your “lady bits”) and make artistic displays… Well. I … Read more

Feeling Sexy

In this blog post, I will share my thoughts about feeling sexy.

When I use the term “feeling sexy”, the images that immediately come to my mind are of this luscious woman, high heels, slim figure, voluptuous, semi-revealing cleavage, hot-red lips (probably smooching for a kiss), long vibrant hair, orgasmic gaze in her eyes…
Do you know what I mean?… Read more