Amazing, imperfect sex.

When you make love mindfully, not every moment is blissful and magical.

Last night I was having sex.

Not just sex – sex with a guy.

A beautiful, slow, lovemaking session.

It was really great and pleasurable, until at one particular moment when a tiny shift in position created a burning sensation in my vulva. Within seconds, my mind was … Read more

Crossing the Line to Turn On Your Sex Life:

This one is for you if you are uncomfortable with sex and your sexuality.

It’s for you if the thought of sex makes you cringe a little. Or if you have mixed emotions of excitement and “yuckiness” and everything in between.

It’s also for you if you have an active, seemingly magnificent sex life, but something doesn’t feel quite right.… Read more

It’s that confidence thing I tell ya’.

Up until 12 years ago or so, I was really dissatisfied with my sex life.

I was in a long-term relationship that could easily be described as sexless. We hardly had sex, and when we did, it wasn’t that great – for either of us. We hardly talked about our sex life. I’m only guessing my partner was as frustrated … Read more

The Empowering Sex Talk.

As aware people, we understand that words have power. The power to create and the power to destroy.

If you’ve ever looked into the topic you might have learned that some words are more empowering than others. And that some words can be omitted from our everyday language in order to help us manifest our dream reality.

When it comes

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