The Empowering Sex Talk.

As aware people, we understand that words have power. The power to create and the power to destroy. If you've ever looked into the topic you might have learned that some words are more empowering than others. And that some words can be omitted from our everyday language in order to help us manifest our [...]

Why I Haven’t Been Writing about Sex Lately.

#1: I'm too busy. Busy busy busy. Between being a single mum and working on the Women's Sexuality Online Conference, I don't have much time to write. I don't have much time to socialize. I don't have much time to think about anything that is not parenting or project-specific. This is not a complaint! I love [...]

Want to break free from shame around your sexuality?

Shame: “ a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.” We know that there is nothing wrong or foolish about having sex, or with wanting to have sex, but we still feel ashamed. Or at least embarrassed. This has got to stop. Most of us grew up in [...]

I Want to Tell You About Arousal NonConcordance

I want the entire world to read Emily Nagosky's book Come As You Are. I mentioned her work here, with a link to her TEDx talk which summarises the most important principles from her book. One of the things which she explains in her book, which is what I would like to discuss here, is the [...]

The Last Blog Post of 2017

I started this blog in March 2017. I published a blog post every single week ever since. And I very quickly realized that my message is not unique. There are so many amazing people out there doing a similar work. Our message might vary slightly, but the similarities way outweigh the differences. What we're saying [...]

Daring, Shameless Discussion about Sex.

Talking about sex. Shamelessly. Fearlessly. Can you do it? Can you talk to your partner about sex? Can you talk to your friends about sex? Can you talk to your kids about sex? I admire people that can talk openly about sex, even if their attitude towards sex might be different than mine. In my [...]

When Do You Say “I Love You”?

A few nights ago, while spending time with this special guy that was in my life for a little while now, the thought "I love you" appeared in my mind. It wasn't the first time this thought crept in. It popped into my head a few times since we got together some 9 months ago. [...]