Bloody Period.

I wanted to write this blog post since way before I started my website.

It’s about a truth so empowering and so unbelievable that I was a little afraid to share it with the world. I was fearing you’d think I’m a radical hippie. Which I’m not.

What to do with all this blood?

When I was about 12 years … Read more

The Last Blog Post of 2017

I started this blog in March 2017.

I published a blog post every single week ever since.

And I very quickly realized that my message is not unique.

There are so many amazing people out there doing a similar work. Our message might vary slightly, but the similarities way outweigh the differences.

What we’re saying is pretty much this:

  • The
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Arousal vs. Pleasure

Some of us get confused between these two concepts.

We think that the same things that turn us on are also the same things that feel pleasurable.

But if you examine closely your own experience, you will most likely realize that the two are separate, distinct elements of your sexuality.

At times, it is quite obvious.

For example, you might … Read more

Tantra Shmantra

Because I write about Slow Sex, people assume that I’m into Tantra. Which I am, to some degree. But I see a lot of confusion and misrepresentations of Tantra in some circles. In this article, I am addressing the misconceptions around Tantra that I come across.

What is Tantra?

First of all, do you know what Tantra is? Have … Read more

What Is This Slow Sex Thing?

Our daily lives are full of fast pace interactions. If something is not exactly the way we want it to be, we are going to fix it, using ready-made solutions and expecting immediate results.

This infiltrates our sex life. If our sex life is not as exciting and mind-blowing as we think it should be, we decide to spice things Read more