Oral Issues

First, a confession.

It looks like I’m not half as confident as I like to think of myself when it comes to sex.

The other day I strolled into one of my favorite second-hand book stores looking for treasures. I went straight to the sex shelf, the one next to the self-improvement and psychology. I was specifically after books about … Read more

Having Sex as Parents of Young Children.

How often do you have sex? Is it once a month? Or once every 3 months?

You know, it’s totally normal. Many parents of young children are in the exact same boat. I mean, really, your biggest priority in life is to care for your children. It’s a huge responsibility. You need to work to provide for your children … Read more

Why Did It Happen to Me?

What we need to ask ourselves in order to fully heal.

Find the common thread:

I went to see one of my favorite therapists to help my body unblock itself from something rather yucky.

She casually mentioned that her wife has decided to leave her. After seven years as a family, raising their 4 children together, including their youngest which … Read more