Too Uncomfortable to Ask

I think that confident lovers don’t need my advice. They simply tell their partner what they want in sex. Easy. It’s pretty much what I do these days.

I almost forgot how I used to feel so embarrassed. Actually, I didn’t tell my partner what I want and I what I need in bed. And on the rare occasions when … Read more

Female Masturbation, Slow Sex Style

First thing’s first.

I dislike the word masturbation.

It sounds a bit clinical and somehow degrading.

I much rather use terms like solo sex, or self-pleasuring. They are more beautiful and in line with conveying the new paradigm of sex that I am promoting.

But… My title is so much better for search engines so I’m keeping it! Sorry if … Read more

Damn-good (mostly) free sex tips.

Soon after I started this blog, the creepy crawlers started attacking it.

I was flooded with comments from porn sites, penis enlargement miracles, and witch doctors that can miraculously bring back your husband even years after he left you for a super-model.

It didn’t take me too long to disable comments on my site.


Every now and then, though, … Read more

Reflections on a Sexy Christmas.

Last year, Christmas was outstanding.

My daughter was away for a couple of days, spending Christmas with her dad. And I had time by myself, alone in the house on the outskirts of Sydney – along with the Eucalypts, the birds, and the quietness.

I was really looking forward to staying at home and doing nothing.

Then, a friend decided … Read more

Arousal vs. Pleasure

Some of us get confused between these two concepts.

We think that the same things that turn us on are also the same things that feel pleasurable.

But if you examine closely your own experience, you will most likely realize that the two are separate, distinct elements of your sexuality.

At times, it is quite obvious.

For example, you might … Read more

How to Let Go in Bed.

The importance of letting go in bed couldn’t be stressed highly enough.

Most of us have heard this and we understand that in order to fully enjoy the highs of sexual arousal with a man, and in order to be able to climax, we need to let go.

To quote Dr. Louanne Brizendine from her book The Female Brain:… Read more