Lately, I feel like there’s too much stuff that I want to read and don’t get a chance to… And I couldn’t stop wondering whether you feel the same.

Instead of writing, this week I decided to record a 5 minute “Connecting to our body” exercise that you can listen to anytime whenever you’re doing something that doesn’t require your full attention: while you’re driving; cooking; commuting; doing housework… Whatever. And you could also do this exercise while you’re lying in bed, before falling asleep or just after you wake up.
You can even apply this exercise to your sex practice, as a “pre-foreplay” warm up:

(Download for free here).

If you did my free e-course, this is pretty much what I’m talking about in the third email.

See, reading about how to enhance your innate ability to feel subtle sensations in your body might be intellectually interesting, but if we want to get results, we need to start practising.

It’s the first time I’m recording something like that so it might not be 100% professional – but hey! I really think it’s helpful for us to feel our body and give our thinking mind a break every now and then.

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