Talking about sex. Shamelessly. Fearlessly.

Can you do it?

Can you talk to your partner about sex?

Can you talk to your friends about sex?

Can you talk to your kids about sex?

I admire people that can talk openly about sex, even if their attitude towards sex might be different than mine.

In my post “Things everyone should know about the female orgasm” I wrote that learning the technical side of an orgasm can help you get over whatever underlying inhibitions you have around the subject of your own sexuality.For many of us, simply being exposed to a shameless discussion about sex and pleasure is already amazingly liberating. Which is why I think it’s really worth it to watch Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross’s YouTube channel.

They answer questions that most people want to know. They share a lot from their own personal experience – daring, bold, and courageous.

I want to share with you one of their videos (only 5:39 minutes of your time), about allowing pleasure into our lives and feeling really good about it. It is really empowering and really important to know that pleasure is attainable, available, and accessible to everyone.

Happiness, pleasure, and sex.

As a side note, I would also like to say that I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say in this video. For example, They equate pleasure with happiness. Well, pleasure, in and of itself, is not happiness. But our problem is that we deprive ourselves of pleasure because we think that we either don’t deserve it, or don’t need it, or that it’s wrong.

We need to learn to allow pleasure into our lives, but we should never rely on it for our happiness.

From a spiritual perspective, happiness is an internal state of being that is independent of external circumstances. And from a social perspective, happiness is found when we have strong, meaningful connections with other people.

This is why when I teach people to enjoy a lifetime of fulfilling sex, I put the emphasis on the connection with the other person – and let pleasure be part of that experience. For me personally, simply chasing pleasure never felt satisfying enough. Pleasure is great fun, but it is not the most important aspect of having sex.

Without any further ado, here are Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross:

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