Deeper Into Mindful Sex

Take your sex practice into the deeper realms of intimacy and connection, and enjoy a wholehearted sexual experience that will enhance your long-term happiness.

Course Opens

January 31st, 2022

Go deeper into the joys of wholehearted lovemaking

Feel invigorated, increase your energy, find your mojo!

Make 2022 the year in which you deepened your connection to your body and to your partner in unequivocal ways.
Experience a wholehearted sexual fulfilment.
Bring innocence and play into your lovemaking.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Deeper Into Mindful Sex

The Deeper Into Mindful Sex is the most in depth course you can take about sex that actually contributes to the health of your long-term relationship.

Enhance Your Connection 

Take your relationship to deeper levels through an unconventional truth that is rarely talked about: the pitfall of chasing orgasms.

Experience the profound connection that is often missed with conventional sex alone.

Find the Innocence of Lovemaking

Embody the beauty of innocent lovemaking through wholehearted practices that focus on your connection:

to your own self, to your partner, and to the here and now.

Fully bask in the relaxation that is the realm of slow sex.

Experience Intimacy Like Never Before

Learn how to express your true sexual self and how to allow your partner to express their vulnerability without feeling threatened.

Grow together by learning how to accept each other fully without additional pressure or unrealistic  expectations.

I am ready!

I want to deepen my relationship and feel wholeheartedly satisfied.

Course Curriculum

Week one -

Explore the realm of slow, mindful sex.

Week two -

Master the Caribbean art of lovemaking.

Week three -

Take the Karezza challenge to experience sublime connection to your partner.

Week four - 

Understand the original Tantric teaching and how you can find your soul connection through sex.

Week five - 

Develop the best communication skills to upgrade your sex life beyond any theory or tradition. 


Is this course suitable for singles or couples?

Deeper Into Mindful Sex is designed for couples. However, if you are not currently partnered, taking the course will empower you to implement its principles in future relationships, with the adventage of having a profound foundation for your next relationship.

All exercises are designed for both couples and singles.

Is there an extra cost for taking this course as a couple? 


The price is the same for souples and for singles.

How does this course actually work?

The course goes for 5 weeks. Each week you will be introduces to a different aspect of mindful sex. 

The materials every week include: an introduction video which explains the current week's concept; extra video/audio with the current week's recommended exercises; a PDF which outlines your schedule for the week.

At the end of each week, there will be a LIVE Q&A with me (to which you can log in anonymously if you prefer) to ask anything you want.

Is there any support during the course?

The course includes 5 live calls in which you can ask any questions at all, plus a secret Facebook group to share and discuss with me and with other like-minded, supportive, non-judgmental souls

Will I learn specific techniques or only theory?

Deeper Into Mindful Sex is full of practical exercises: some mediations, some body movements, and some detailed explanations of sexual techniques - tyes of touches to apply and types of touches to avoid - in order to enhance wholehearted connection.

When is the next time this course is offered?

The course is offered once or twice a year.

The next course starts on Monday, January 31st 2022.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have a lifelong access to the course materials.

On top of that, each time it is offered again, you will be invited and encouraged to re-do it and take your practice even deeper.

Will anyone be able to harass me on this course?

This has never happened before. I can say with a high degree of confidence that those who feel attracted to learn about mindful sex are those who do not tolerate any type of misconduct.

In saying that, if you ever feel like someone is saying anything inappropriate - please let me know and I will deal with this ASAP.

Maya, I have another question, can I contact you?

Absolutely! Those who worked with me previously already know that I am always only 1 email away!

Please contact me on:

And I will answer quicksmart.

I am ready!

I want to deepen my relationship and feel wholeheartedly satisfied.

Here’s what people are saying about this course:


"Probably the most intimate and bonding experiences I have ever had in my life."


"Our relationship and sex life improved without a doubt since taking the course" 


"More tuned to be, to feel and to be aware, accepting that it is not perfect, accepting the now as it is. It is a huge release and we can discuss freely about it."