Some women are under the impression that they can tell if a man truly cares about them by his touch alone.

I am sorry to burst their bubble, but there is nothing further than the truth.

A man’s touch has nothing to do with how they feel about you.

Some men have a talent for touch.

I had a couple of partners with a touch that seemed like they knew exactly what I want and need. It was as if they could guess or even predict what suits me best at the time: being gentle, being rough, being soft, being tough. They were able to read the subtlest of my cues, verbal and nonverbal, and act upon them spontaneously. Needless to say, it felt amazing.

I think they were born with this talent.

But to assume they cared about me due to this would be going too far.

Some men acquire their marvelous touch through learning.

Like any other skill, those that were not born with a natural talent, can teach themselves and constantly improve. There are enough books and internet websites that will teach you how to touch a woman to satisfy her.

This is a wonderful thing, if your man cares about you enough that he wants to be a better lover for you. Unfortunately, many times there other motivations at stake. Some websites promote themselves by saying that if men learn this or that technique, any woman will be wrapped around their finger. Training men to become extraordinary lovers is great — but if the sole purpose is to control and manipulate women, then I would remind you to proceed with caution. A man that can touch you this way is not necessarily caring or loving.

Some men have no clue how to touch women.

I once dated this sweet guy. He was very thoughtful and caring, no doubts about it. But when it came to touch, he just didn’t have it. He really liked grabbing, being forceful, and jerky type of movements. Which can definitely excite some women at some situations. But would not necessarily be interpreted as being a loving type of touch. Nevertheless, this guy was very keen and very considerate.

Point is, sometimes a man touch can be less than optimal. Still, this is not an indicator of his feelings toward you.

How to really know if a man truly loves you.

Actually, it’s not a gender thing at all. There is only one way to know if someone truly loves you, man or woman.

One way and that’s it.

Actions that show they truly care about you that stand the test of time.

I can’t emphasize this strongly enough. It’s not just things they do at the start of the relationship that count. It’s not just their intention to be nice and promises to care.

It’s about what they do ongoing, a few months down the track, a few years down the track, that testify that they really care.

Are they considerate? Are they willing to compromise? Are they honest? Are they helpful? Do they apologize if they hurt you?

These questions are what you need to look at, as a whole, to understand if the person you’re dealing with really does care.

And you ask these questions after the relationship has accumulated enough events to be able to answer them truthfully. It’s not just about one or two occasions — it’s about an overall view to find the tendency.

I hope you get my point.

If you are looking for shortcuts to test their love — there are none.

Nothing proves more that somebody loves you than their actions, tried and tested through time.

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