My guy recently did a 3-day water fast and raved how good it made him feel.

I was curious and decided to try it myself. Who knows? I might feel so good so why not?

Now, I am no health-guru and I won’t go over the health benefits and risks of such a fast. If you’re so inclined, feel free to Google it and see if it’s something you want to do.

But me? I write about sex.

At the end of the fast, and just before the first meal in three days, my guy came to pick me up.

My guy: “Are you ready for your first meal?”

Me: “Well… I was kind of thinking we could have sex first… To see how it feels to have sex when the abdomen feels empty…”

My guy: “Are you planning to write a blog post about this?”

Me: “You bet!”

My guy: “I feel so used right now!”

Luckily for both of us, I know his humor, and that he’s completely joking. Phew!

Fast forward (pun completely unintended) an hour or so.

It’s pretty much time for us to have sex. Only there’s one problem: I really am not in the mood.

I want and I don’t want to have sex.

If you got to read my previous article, about wanting to want to have sex, you might think I was experiencing an episode of responsive desire. I beg to defer.

I was utterly and completely unaroused. Non-responsive.

Just so you’ll know, normally I alternate between times when I feel spontaneous desire (the kind that makes me feel aroused by a small, rather insignificant cue), and responsive desire (the kind that requires some loving touch from a partner). And normally, my guy’s touch really does the trick for me.

This time, however, there was nothing. Nada.

My guy’s touch simply did not invoke any response.

My guy: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Me: “I have to! For the name of science!”

That’s not actually what I said… But I did insist we should keep on going.

And after a looooong time, my body finally caved in and started to melt enough for enjoying our sex session…

Thing is, taking a looooong time is not an issue for us. Our sex sessions are usually slow and looooong anyway. But normally, my body starts to melt from the very first instant. Whereas this time around, my body started to melt way into the session.

If it wasn’t for this blog post, I would have most probably preferred to stop and read a book instead.

Fasting and sex: my two-cents.

So how does sex feel like when the abdomen is free and light? That’s what I wanted to know.

In my limited one-time-experience, sex was as nice as any other sex session. Actually, probably slightly less nice. Mainly because it took me so looooong to get into it.

There was one small advantage though.

At some stage, my guy was able to completely relax while on top of me. As in, put his entire body mass on me and really (really!) relax. And because my abdomen was so empty, I didn’t feel like he’s squashing me. I could still breathe. And I liked that sensation. When my abdomen is at its normal capacity, if my guy puts all his body weight on top of me, I feel like I could break. It simply won’t work. So it was quite the experience to lie there, both of us totally relaxed, for a few moments.

Afterward, I asked my guy (as we had sex while he was on the second day of his water fast just a few weeks prior) how was his libido then. His answer, surprise surprise, was that it was very low as well.

I don’t have a conclusion here.

Most people know that diet, hormones, medication, as well as lifestyle, can affect our libido.

And perhaps if you’re planning to fast (as I mentioned, many believe it has plenty of health benefits), consider it will most probably decrease your libido.

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