Today, I have a few questions for you.

Can you imagine yourself having the most fulfilling love life ever?
One in which sex is a joyous form of connecting with your partner?

  • If your answer is “Yes”, let me ask you another question: what needs to happen in order to transform your love life to create this joyous connection?
  • If your answer is “No”, let me ask you a similar question: What needs to happen for you to be able to imagine it? To believe that a wholehearted, satisfying sex life is truly an option for you?

It’s one thing to read and understand intellectually all those things about sex,
How it can be amazingly rewarding,
And how it can enhance your relationship.
To silently nod while reading my articles and feel that it all makes sense.

But it’s a whole different thing to be able to integrate this information
Letting it infiltrate your awareness until you fully embody the understanding that
Sex is pure.
Sex is love.
Sex is connecting. 
Sex is loving.
Sex is a celebration.

Now in order to take that leap from understanding to embodying;
In order to fully transform your sex life from “I wish it was actually fulfilling”
To “I just can’t have enough of my partner, I wish we could have sex non-stop for ever and ever
There is one thing you need to do, and one thing only:

Transform your belief systems.

I’m sure you heard before that “You just have to believe it”
When you want something extraordinary to happen.
But it’s not the entire picture.
Believing in something can make it happen,
However, it is unlikely it will happen before you
Uproot the old beliefs that negate what you want to happen.

It’s true for every aspect of your life. Including sex.

When you look at sex, beliefs are usually messy and complicated,
You know why?
Because throughout our lives, we were conditioned to believe quite a few harmful beliefs.
I have examples galore.
“Men only want one thing” (read: to use you for their own pleasure);
“Finding pleasure in your body is dirty”;
“You need to look pretty for people to love you”;
“You need to suffer in order to look pretty”;
“Men want whores”;
“Men want virgins”;
“Sex is when a man has his penis inside something”;
“Sex ends with ejaculation”
Etc, etc, etc…
(By the way – men have been conditions to belive these, and it’s harmful for them as well).

We have absorbed these messages our entire lives,
From everywhere,
No wonder our sex lives is a big mess!

And now you read a few articles that put some order in the chaos and you expect it all to be right again.
Except it’s not.

That’s because a lifelong conditioning of stupid beliefs is controlling our subconsciousness, 
And the new findings, as helpful as they might be, haven’t been integrated yet.

Make the leap now.

How do you embody the new understanding and become that 


The answer is, of course, identifying those beliefs that hold you back
And release them with love.

See, it’s no use hating them for holding you back.
They served a purpose, and they were planted in your psyche by well-intentioned people.
These could be your parents who wanted to protect you,
Or your younger self who wanted to be loved and didn’t have a full understanding of what love is,
Or your religious leaders whose beliefs are outdated and suit an era that long passed.

So release these beliefs with gratitude for the purpose they did serve.
Thank all the people that wanted the best for you and were misguided for some reason or another,

Set yourself free from all the nonsense that holds you back right now.

How do you release subconscious beliefs?

Beliefs are thoughts that we thought for long enough to make them seem real.
Some beliefs are easy to detect. They simply appear in our minds as thoughts.
So if we realize that we have a thought pattern that doesn’t serve us,
We can use a simple format to change that thought by finding another thought to replace it.
I notice the thought “I am obese so no one will truly love me”
I think of a few opposites to this thought that I equally believe, like:
“The people that care about me see my inner beauty in front of them, always”
“Some people find obese people attractive, this crowd definitely adores my body”  
And so on.
Now every time I notice my old thought creeping in,
I smile to myself and silently say: “Oops I forgot!… [enter new thought here]”

Other beliefs, though, are not easy to detect.
When it comes to subconscious beliefs, they don’t show their heads up in the form of thoughts,
Rather in actions and choices we make in our lives. Choices that don’t make sense
As they don’t serve us.
But they help us detect that belief we want to move on from.
I might have a belief that men only want to use my body.
I never think that thought,
But I notice that all the partners I had just wanted to have sex with me and hardly ever truly cared about me or my pleasure in bed.

Once a subconscious belief is detected, I recommend using auto-suggestion techniques to uproot it
And replace it with a healthier belief.
The easiest auto-suggestion you can do completely by yourself is using affirmations,
And repeat them as often as you possibly can.

You can also gain a quantum leap with the help of a trusted professional.

I offer 1-on-1 Insight Sessions that are designed exactly for taking you the extra step to recognize and release harmful beliefs and replace them with helpful ones.

By reading my articles,
By connecting to this new understanding of sex and what it can bring to your life,
Your transformation has already begun.

The shift is happening.
You are already on the path to a fully satisfying sex life.

And you have the full control of when, how, and the pace you are continuing on this path.

Perhaps just ask yourself, if you decide not to work on your sexuality right now – 
Is this decision not to do more serving your life,
Or is it coming from a subconscious belief
That is somehow sabotaging your transformation into a fully alive, sexual being?

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