But I admire her for the courage to stand totally naked in front of the entire world and talk for five minutes and 34 seconds and feel and look as comfortable as if she did have clothes on.

And although I think the readers of this blog (AKA: you!) will NOT choose violence over nudity when it comes to social media sharing, it seems like most of the world will.

Her message resonates with me completely: we have nothing to be ashamed of about our naked body. We have nothing to be ashamed of the fact that we are sexual beings.

Full stop.

***Unfortunately, this video was removed from Vimeo. If you find it somewhere in the world wild web, let me know!***

Choose Pussy over Pain from Cidney G Green on Vimeo.

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  • She’s totally right ! I had no discomfort whatsoever her standing there naked. What guts though, good on her I applaud her for speaking out.

    • Thanks Geraldine, I was a little hesitant to share her video on my blog, specifically because she comes across as full of anger. So I’m glad that you, like me, felt comfortable with her nude body.

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