No, I’m not accusing you, my dear reader.

I’m accusing our profit-driven, sensation-seeking, moral-lacking, entertainment-focused society.

Sex is an amazing tool for connecting with another.

It’s an innocent, uplifting, wholehearted experience.

But in a society that emphasizes its animalistic, manipulative, somewhat-violent nature, we don’t stand a chance.

Us, the more sensitive bunch, the ones who see beauty and tenderness everywhere we go.

From a very young age, we are exposed to the way sex is depicted in movies, magazines, novels, porn, everyday language, changerooms banter — and we develop an aversion.

And we mix things up.

Instead of being disgusted by the way sex is being portrayed— we start being repelled by sex itself.

We start feeling uncomfortable with the notion of sex.

We don’t want to have any of it.

And whenever our partner wants to deeply connect to us through touch and pleasure, we rebel.

If it might lead to sex — that dirty, unholy, evil activity — we better stir clear.

We might even start resenting our partner. We don’t fully understand that it’s connection that they’re after.

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we suspect that they just want to use us to get off.

Truth must be told.

Sex can be an exciting, energetic, urge-fulfilling pursuit.

It can incorporate any form of fantasy that our imaginative minds can dream up.

As long as we uphold the appreciation that at the very core of it, sex is about allowing someone to fully integrate with us at moments in which we are the most authentic, the most vulnerable, the utmost ourselves we can be, then there is no room for feeling uncomfortable about it.

Sex is an amazing tool for connecting with another.

It’s an innocent, uplifting, wholehearted experience.

And it is up to us, the more sensitive bunch, the ones that understand the potential of beauty to emerge from that experience of sex, to uphold that understanding at those times it matters most.

I implore you to hold this vision of sex as often as you can, we need more of us to hold this beacon of light to counteract the depictions of sex-as-a-tool-for-control we see around us.

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