Irresistibly Confident

Be exquisitely fulfilled with the way you experience sex. 

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3 weeks to become your most confident lover yet!

Week 1

Shame Begone!

Let go of any traces of shame, guilt or embarrassment around sex.

Use profound exercises designed to restore innocence and establish an appreciation of the innate sexual being that you naturally are.

Week 2

Reconstructing Confidence.

As children, before the domestication of our wild side, we were confident. Confident in our body's ability to produce pleasure and joy. Confident that we deserve what's best for us - not for what society think we should be.

Find your way back to that natural state of confidence through some fun explorations.

Week 3

It's Time to Shine!

Follow up on the first two weeks with a bit of guidance into how to make your newly-restored sexual maestro truly shine in all aspects of your life.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for women and men alike.

It's for anyone who senses that embarrassment around sex holds them back.

Who is this course NOT for?

If you are searching to expand your sexual skills, this course is not the best match.

Feel free to try our other courses instead (Deeper Into Mindful Sex or Slow Sex Pleasure for HER).

Irresistibly Confident

Reclaim the innocence that was always yours and find your confidence to be exactly who you are in the bedroom.

Register your interest here and get notified when the course is offered: