It’s Time to Become a Confident Lover.

Do you want to know if you’re a good lover? If your partner likes your moves in bed?

Here’s what most women are surprised to learn – I’ll tell you straight off the bat:

Men think the best lovers are those that truly enjoy themselves in bed.

Which means that it’s not about the pleasure you give him, it’s about how much pleasure you allow yourself to feel.

Are you ready to become more confident in the bedroom?

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If only I got a dollar for every time I heard someone says they want to be more confident in the bedroom…

Both men and women alike wish they would have the secret ingredient that would give them confidence.

Confidence to know that their partner loves what they do when they have sex.

The funny thing is, your partner is not usually as impressed by what you do in bed: they are more impressed by who you are in bed.

Confidence is not about learning the right moves:

You might think you should build your confidence by learning all these tricks and techniques to give your partner an earth-shaking experience. That once you develop a repertoire of impressive sex moves, confidence will follow.

But it’s the other way around: once you develop confidence in yourself as a lover, you become the best lover to the specific partner you are with.

Once the confidence is there, you can quickly discover what your partner loves and easily learn how to gift it to them and enjoy it at the same time.

Confidence is about knowing that sex is fucking awesome:

Not in a superficial, “I’m going to take what I want and that’s all I care about” kind of way. This attitude actually reflects a lack of confidence, if anything.

Confidence is about understanding that sex is fun. And natural.

It’s about letting go of shame and embarrassment. Which means learning and developing new skills is an organic process that requires minimal effort. It simply happens as you attune yourself more and more to your – and your partner’s – preferences.

Confidence in bed is a natural state of being.

It was deprived of us by years of being indoctrinated into a society that thinks there’s something wrong with sex. We were restricted and limited and we ended up believing that there is something wrong with us for even wanting it.

Once we recognize this simple truth, we can start the process of unlearning and returning to our natural state of confidence.

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