Last week I wrote the first part of the jade egg review. I mentioned you should only purchase a jade egg if you are dedicated enough to actually do the practice, which could prove quite demanding, at least at the beginning phase when you are only starting out.

This week I’ll tell you a little about my own jade egg practice.

When I first heard about the jade egg, I was so enthusiastic that I immediately jumped into buying one. The website which I bought it from stated that 15 minutes of daily practice are all I needed to invest, using the free instructions that were sent with the jade egg.

I tried once or twice before realizing that I had no clue what I was doing. I had so many doubts that I’m practicing correctly that there was no point in continuing.

I was still interested in learning, and I kept on researching, which is why I decided to look for more resources. I searched many different websites until I finally came across one teacher that really resonated with me. I read her blog, I downloaded her free eBook, and I decided to enroll in her extensive, 8-weeks-long jade egg course.

Since starting that course in February 2017, I have practiced with the jade egg relatively regularly.

A few points that I thought are really worthwhile sharing:

The first few times I inserted the jade egg, I didn’t feel anything. Zilch. Nada. I was going through the entire exercise routine with the jade egg inside me and there was no sense that anything is in there. I think it was only around the 4th time I did the jade egg exercise routine that I started feeling something. And gradually, the sensation got stronger and more distinct. These days when I practice, I can feel the egg inside me through most of the routine.

Inserting the egg properly is not easy for me, even after months of practice. Of course, one can simply push the egg inside using her hands – but one of the exercises that is being taught by many teachers (and one that I haven’t mastered yet) is the one in which the muscles around the vagina are the ones that pull the egg inside. In this exercise, you train the muscles to contract and relax in such a way that the egg, which is placed on the inner lips of the vulva, is being gently pulled inside the vagina. Some women master this technique quickly. But I’m not one of these women. I dedicate a good few minutes at a time during a practice for doing this. The trick is to stay very relaxed, without pressure – and I do see a gradual improvement as time goes by – but at the end, I always have to use my hands to gently push the egg inside. And I’m mentioning this because I think it’s important that you know that it doesn’t mean your vagina muscles are broken if you don’t succeed with this exercise for a while. We all have a slightly different configuration of our anatomy, and for some women, some muscles are trained easier than others, that’s all.

Some teachers claim that you can simply pop the egg in your vagina and then keep on going through your day with the egg inside you. But for me, putting something inside my vagina is not something I do casually. In fact, my jade egg practice includes almost 15 minutes of preparing for inserting the jade egg, and only then about 20-25 minutes of practice with the jade egg inside me. I still don’t feel comfortable to just walk around with the jade egg inside me. The only time I tried walking with the jade egg was after I finished a jade egg exercise and I felt like keeping it in. But the muscles were already a bit overworked and it quickly felt uncomfortable to a degree that I decided to take it out. If you decide to leave the jade egg inside you, it is advisable to start with short periods of times and gradually increase the time you leave it inside.

By the way – some teachers claim that the benefit of leaving the jade egg inside you without actually exercising your pelvic floor muscles is negligible. So it’s up to us to decide who to believe and if we want to leave the jade egg inside or not.

I don’t practice religiously. I just practice whenever I can. I aim for twice a week, roughly 25-40 minutes each practice. If I can manage, I also add a third pelvic floor exercise routine without a jade egg during the week, one that includes circulating my hips. But if I don’t get to practice as often as what I am hoping for, I don’t stress about it. To be real, I think perhaps only 4 weeks out of 7 months I managed to practice as often as I planned to. Most of us lead a very busy life, and the last thing we need if we want to improve our sexual vitality is to add more stress to the equation.

Do I notice a difference to my sex life?

I think this is what we all really want to know, right? Do I enjoy sex better? Did my partner feel a difference?

As someone that doesn’t practice the jade egg all that often, it was surprising for me to learn that my partner did feel a difference. He said that the vagina felt more toned. And he also liked it whenever I felt a bit playful and practiced my pelvic floor muscles when he was inside me.

As for myself? To be honest with you, having slow sex as a baseline for having sex, means that my vagina’s tone doesn’t have a huge impact on the way I enjoy sex. As movements are super-slow, and I focus on the most delicate of sensations inside my vagina, I don’t feel any extraordinary difference to the nature of the sensations that emerge. In saying that, during those times when we were engaged in more friction-based movements, I think I did notice a positive change. As in, it was more enjoyable for me. But not to the degree that I can tell you that it utterly revolutionized the way I experience sex.

A difference to my menstruation pattern.

Here I did notice some very positive effects. Obviously, I can’t say with confidence that the jade egg is the only cause, but there has been some relief to menstrual discomfort and pain. I have noticed I feel more connected to my body as if an inner intuition to what my body needs became stronger. Perhaps not too different to what many women experience when they are pregnant. Some months, the bleeding during menstruation has been significantly reduced.

When I enquired with my jade egg teacher, she mentioned many women report similar experiences after starting their jade egg practice.

Bottom line.

So far, I’m pretty hooked. But I need to wait and see if I’ll persevere and keep on practicing a year from now. Or two. And if I will, I promise I’ll write an update to this review with my impressions of long-term use of the jade egg.

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