What is letting go?

Perhaps you came across this term before.

In an early blog post, I talked about letting go in bed. By this, I meant how to enjoy yourself in bed without allowing your thoughts to ruin it for you.

In another blog post (about monogamy), I mentioned the Sedona Method which is a wonderful tool to use for releasing emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that don’t serve you any longer.

It’s been a while since I practiced letting go intentionally. Life got busy on me, and I neglected taking care of this aspect of my life. But then something happened the other day that reminded me how powerful it is to let go.

I was still a bit obsessed with my ex.

The guy I was dating until recently was still in my mind a lot. We had a very good connection, and I missed his friendship. I also missed his touch. I had to constantly remind myself why we broke up. Why we both don’t want to be with each other. Intellectually, I knew it was good for both of us that we broke up. Emotionally, I had a rough time accepting it.

It got more difficult after I learned that he has a new girlfriend and that they’re going on a holiday together. I was very happy for him on one hand, but I was also disturbed, knowing that someone else is enjoying his touch. I already mentioned – I used to really enjoy his touch…

I wish I could tell you that I decided to work on it intentionally and practice the Sedona Method to let my thoughts about him go.

But no… I completely forgot about this option.

Instead, I had a dream.

Dreams are one way our mind processes stuff.

How many times did you wake up in the morning, after a dilemma was troubling your mind, and all of a sudden you knew the answer?

It happened to me so many times.

This time, I was dreaming that my ex and I were making out. It was as beautiful as it always has been with him. It looked as if we’re about to have sex again. Then I simply said – “but you have a girlfriend!” and I walked out of the room. Simple as that.

In the morning, memories of the dream still lingered.

And to my surprise, from then on, thinking about him stopped being painful. Don’t ask me why. It’s just not bothering me anymore. I noticed I think about him a lot less than before. And when thoughts arise, I don’t need to remind myself why we don’t want to be together. The thoughts just don’t trouble me.

It’s like the pain has been completely lifted off. Such a relief.

I let it go.

And then!…

If you’ve been following my posts for a little while, you might remember that I shared I started dating again. Nothing eventuated though. I had no time to invest in a new relationship and I decided to drop it altogether. I even skipped a week of writing for this blog for the first time since I started it – goes to show how busy I’ve been.

So no dating for me. And the fact that I was still in pain over the last relationship, meant that emotionally I didn’t feel ready anyway.

But now, I feel free. I feel open and happy and back to my normal self again. I’m whole again.

Strangely enough, the exact day after my dream, I received a text message from an old boyfriend. And then a phone call from a lovely guy who I went on a date with while I was still in “dating mode”.

Some of my friends will brush this as an irrelevant coincidence.

Some of my friends will say that the universe is sending me a signal.

And me?

I think we are all connected. I think there is an all-encompassing field of consciousness underlying everything that happens. In that sense, sure, there’s a possibility that my personal event of letting go gave the space for their decision to contact me. But I don’t think it’s a sign of anything. Perhaps a reassurance that I indeed released my attachment and that it has been acknowledged by that collective consciousness? Who knows.

Perhaps it’s time for me to start dating again 😉

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