Orgasms: Everything You Should Know.

Some people think that orgasms are a no-brainer. They just happen easily and quickly and that’s it.

But some people know that orgasms can be very elusive. Especially for women.

Even when applying all the right techniques, there is no guarantee they will come. (Did you notice the pun just there?)


So instead of investing more time in making an orgasm “happen”, it’s time to look at the reasons why they don’t happen and address these issues instead.

Here are some articles to help you understand the female orgasm:

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You know, I once wrote a poem about the female orgasm:

An Ode to the Female Orgasm.

Alluring. Elusive. Inexplicit. Fascinating.

Diverse. Confusing. Mesmerizing. Entrancing.

Haunting. Magnificent. Mundane. Surprising.

Mischievous. Elevating. Uplifting. Confronting.

I’ve known you to be all these and nothing at all.


The ways you appear when conditions set right.

The waves that engulf when your grip is tight.

The yearning, the craving, the wanting of you.

The frustration when you have not come through.

I’ve known all these and I aimed for a goal.


Putting all the emphasis on seducing you to her presence

Your emergence might falter and you could loose your essence.

Pivoting one’s attention to pleasure in the here and now

You might just decide to arise and it would not matter how.

I’ve known satisfaction when you didn’t deliver.


When the mind is quiet. When thoughts keep still.

When a woman feels safe. When a woman feels real.

When shame and guilt is out of harm’s way.

When the timing is right to climax as you may.

I’ve known you for real and I’ve faked your shiver.


Although not a poet, not I, not me,

I followed the urge to glorify thee.

As intricate as the branches of the sycamore tree,

I loved you enough to set you free.

I’ve known you and now I learned your meaning.

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