Soon after I started this blog, the creepy crawlers started attacking it.

I was flooded with comments from porn sites, penis enlargement miracles, and witch doctors that can miraculously bring back your husband even years after he left you for a super-model.

It didn’t take me too long to disable comments on my site.


Every now and then, though, I get contacted by companies who are genuinely interested in collaborating. Amazing individuals who are doing their best to bring the sex discussion to the table and create a sex-positive world.

The ones that I don’t want to collaborate with:

Thing is, the way I promote sexuality and sex is so far removed from the mainstream, that most ones that contact me, I refuse.

Like that company that creates beautiful jewelry that converts into sex toys. It sounds gorgeous and definitely empowering for women, who can now wear their vibrators and be on the ready whenever the mood is right. Thing is, I personally recommend minimal-to-none use of vibrators. I encourage women to embrace the ability of their own body to produce the amount of pleasure that is right for them at any given moment. Not the amount of pleasure that they think they should be having according to some external standard.

Or the company that teaches men how to be amazing lovers, but promote their flagship course by showing screenshots of text conversations between men (graduates of the course) and women they dated. In those texts, the women are so shocked by the intensity of pleasure they experienced, that they want to meet the guys again. However, the guys usually have other plans. My approach is to see sex as a wholesome, integral part of relationships and intimacy, whereas it seems that the approach promoted by this company is one of using sex as another tool to manipulate. Practically, to control the woman they are dating.

Sex tips that I do recommend:

A few of my readers asked me for sex-technique advice.

Well, I don’t give sex tips.

I write about sexuality – meaning, the way we relate to sex and the way we approach it in our lives.

But I am more than happy to list here the teachers, books, and websites that I endorse. The ones that I read, and the ones that helped me personally. You might recall some of them spotted throughout my articles. Now I collated them all into one list.

And just a BTW. I am not affiliated with any of these sites/individuals. I just strongly believe that if you want to learn about healthy sexuality, these are the ones you should be learning from.

Slow Sex teachers:

As an advocate of slow sex, I will start my recommendations in this field. Search for the books at your favorite book retailer. If you’re lucky enough, you might find them in your local library.

Diana Richardsons.

Reading her book Tantric Orgasm for Women changed my life forever.

I can’t recommend it highly enough, as any of her other books, really.

This is her website where you can find some information about upcoming retreats (held in Switzerland). Scroll down the page to find teachers that facilitate her retreats in different parts of the world.

Marnia Robinson.

Her book Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow explains some of the science behind the principles of slow sex.

You can learn a lot from the free material on her website, here.

Slow Love by James N. Powell.

This book describes an indigenous Hawaiin culture in which sex and sexuality are approached in such a beautiful, wholesome way. It’s a delight.

Sex techniques and tips: YouTube Channels worth following.

There are so many websites with free material about sex techniques, it’s ridiculous.

I prefer following the ones that acknowledge that most of us have some baggage and hang-ups surrounding our sex lives.

The following people have YouTube channels with heaps of free material, and they are followed by millions.

Layla Martin.

She openly discusses the fact that she was sexually abused as a child and how it affected her relationship patterns in the past. She gives tons of free tips and techniques to enhance your sexual experience, both for individuals and couples. Her YouTube channel has a few really funny gems in it. Check out my favorite video here.

Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross.

Regardless of anything they’re saying (they don’t necessarily promote long-term, monogamous relationships), I love it that Betty Dodson, 89 years-old, tells about her latest orgasms and how her sexuality is keeping her healthy and sane. Here’s one of their latest YouTube videos.

Adina Rivers (My Tiny Secrets).

This woman is so brave and made a name for herself simply for sharing her sexual experiences. Watch this video to get a glimpse of what she’s all about.

Beducated (Formerly known as Omooni).

Maria and Phillip have lots of info on their channel, and the truth is I love them because of the Conscious Sexuality online summit. Although the latter is not free.

One more book that is a must.

I mentioned this book so many times, but really, every single person that reads it goes “Wow, I wish I knew this a lot earlier in my life”. So I have to mention it again, you know? It’s Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. If you can only afford to read one book in your life about sex, this should be it.


These are the people and sites that I follow myself.

Not to say that there aren’t many others inspiring teachers to follow.

Email me to let me know which ones do you follow:

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