Slow Sex Pleasure for HER

Explore pleasure that actually supports a wholehearted, satisfying connection. 

Pleasure That Heals:

Learn the difference between chasing pleasure and following pleasure, and how to use pleasure as a healing tool.

Make pleasure your teacher

Pleasure is awesome - but it can be tricky at times.

Learn how to find the type of pleasure that makes you feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Understand your body

Understanding how your body works will enable you to focus your attention on the right kind of pleasure, and you'll learn the type of pleasure that is better kept to a minimum. 

Another look at orgasms

All you need to know about orgasms and penetration, taught from the unconventional wisdom of slow-sex and the powerful focus on heart-soul connection.

The pleasure is all YOURS.

There are a few misconceptions around pleasure that we need to debunk once and for all.

In the Slow Sex Pleasure for HER workshop, you'll learn how to allow pleasure to guide you, where and what to pay attention to, and what to do on those occasions where you can't find it.

What others say:


This lesson has made the bond between me and my partner even much stronger than ever before.

I swear the whole course was so eye-opening and enjoyable so please do keep doing stuff like that!




We tried slow sex last night and all worked out the way we both wanted.  Thanks for the advice.  

Your worshop has really helped us improve and enjoy our sex Life. It feels like we have found a new sex planet all together.

Thanks Maya


Who is this workshop for?


Who want to explore and expand pleasure holistically, resulting in an ongoing sustainable sexual female pleasure.


Who want to get to the bottom of their own pleasure whilst feeling empowered and wholesome.


Who want their woman to know with all her might and soul how much they appreciate and want her in their lives.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand less- known-secrets to female pleasure. Pleasure that is not only about physical sensations: pleasure that enhances connection and true satisfaction for anyone involved.

Where can I watch this workshop?

You can watch on any device so long as you have internet connection.

How long does the workshop go for?

It is two hours long - you can watch in one go or take it in shorter sections of roughly 40 minutes each.

Can I watch with my partner?

Of course! 

When will it be held?

This is a recording of a live online workshop, as such you will get access to the recording as soon as you complete your purchase.

Slow Sex Pleasure for HER

Learn the best practices for a wholehearted, sustainable, connecting pleasure.