Although I am not personally affected by any of the recent wars/terror attacks/pandemics/floods/earthquakes etc…

I can’t help but feel sad and helpless, hearing about all the disastrous events that occur in our world these days.

And then I’m supposed to continue and act as if everything is normal?

How can I even think about sex at these trying times?

You probably guessed it.

As an emotionally sensitive person, my libido these days is low.

If you (like me) are emotionally affected – I want to share with you what helps me go through the lows, I hope some of this can help you, too.

First – how can I feel better when the world is crap?

I answered this question in this article.

Second – what to do when it comes to sex?

On one hand, perhaps you (like me) think that sex is an indulgence, and you might even (like me) feel utterly uninterested.

Or perhaps (again, like me), you know that having sex the right way is actually going to make you feel better.

Is there anything wrong with doing something to make us feel better when the world is on its downward spiral to doom?

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Heck NO!!!!!

Actually, when we feel down, we are less likely to be in a position to help and make this world better.

And this is why doing those things that make us feel happy is nothing to feel bad about.

So how do we go about having sex when we feel crap?

We do it the slow, mindful sex style.

We don’t need to feel ‘turned on’ or excited in order to have slow, mindful sex.

Mindful sex is all about connecting to our partner and seeing where this connection might lead us.

Perhaps this time it will lead us into sobbing in their arms?

Perhaps it will lead to simply looking into each other’s eyes in silence?

And perhaps it will lead to something more steamy and conventional?

Where it leads us to is not as important as what it makes us feel about ourselves, about our relationship, and about the world.

If it helps us feel more connected to our true selves, then it also helps us feel more alive, more attuned, and more authentic.

Feeling connected is the secret of living a meaningful life.

And enhancing that connection through mindful sex is an experience that we can have even if we feel emotionally overwhelmed.

Through that feeling of connection, we give a chance for something better to emerge.

And the potential to feel good enough to act and bring change to those who need it.

And if you want to know how to have sex when you feel disconnected, I wrote this article for you.

(I wrote it about those times when you and your partner might have some disagreement, but it can be applied for any time you feel disconnected, even if it’s because the world that has gone crazy).

Last but not least.

If you feel a bit helpless and want to make a positive difference for those who have been affected in recent world events,

Here are a few suggestions for you:

Donate money directly to those affected through Go Fund Me.

(For example, Ukrainian relief or Australian floods relief – scroll down to see each donation request).

Or, if you prefer, donate to a reliable charity that will distribute your donation money to the most pressing need, like:

Save the Children (charity rating very high);

Mercy Corps (charity rating very high);

(Obviously, there are lots more charities that rank high, feel free to donate to any charity of choice).

No matter if you connect to strangers by giving a donation, or connect to yourself and your partner by having slow, mindful sex,

remember that feeling connected is the secret of living a meaningful life.

Stay connected.

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