The TEDx Talk that Didn’t

I have shared a few TED and TEDx talks on this blog before.

Talks that are bold, moving, and informative.

I wanted to share another inspiring TEDx talk with you. The only problem is, it never took place.

Sometimes, when the message involves the topic of sex and sexuality, people freak out.

That’s exactly what happened to Kit Murray Maloney.

Initially, her suggested TEDx talk was accepted with a warm cry for being “important, well articulated, and needed to be heard”. But after what seems like a ban from stakeholders of the TEDx venue, her talk was excluded from the event.

If you’re curious, you can read the full story on the Huffington Post here.

Now Kit Maloney is sharing her message on YouTube, and I hope you will enjoy watching it at least as much as I did:


Kit Maloney did not get to speak at TEDx – but her message is so needed!

Will you be bold enough to share her speech with the world?