If you ever felt that using lube is not natural, this article is for you.

Some people think there’s something wrong about using lube.

There is shame about needing to use it, and shame about wanting to use it.

The idea behind it is that if the female body was aroused enough, it should be producing sufficient natural lubrication for enjoyable sexy times.

It sounds logical enough.

I mean, that’s exactly what our sexual organs are designed for, right? To do what they need to do to give us pleasure.

Thing is, there are more things at play here.

For starters,

We are so far removed from natural in every aspect of our life.

Perhaps if we lived close to nature, fully connected to the earth and our bodies, things were different.

Maybe then, our bodies would respond perfectly “as they should”.

Most of us, though, live quite removed from our natural environment. Almost every aspect of our daily living is obscured by the ways that civilization has shaped us. From where we live, through the clothes on our skin, the shoes we wear, the posture we’re in most of the day, the food we eat, and all the way to what we think we should and shouldn’t be doing. And don’t get me started on the unnatural chemicals we stuff into our bodies in the form of the air we breathe, the processed food we consume, medicine, make-up, hygiene products, cleaning products, etc etc etc…

Of course, sex is also part and parcel of the package.

The way we do sex is, more often than not, the way we were conditioned to believe sex needs to be done.

And we expect our body to naturally respond to arousal on cue. With ample amounts of lubrication.

Well, guess what? Our bodies are out-of-whack. And we shouldn’t be surprised when the natural lubrication of our body is not aligned with the timing we wish to be involved in sex.

This is not just about lube, by the way.

It’s been well documented that both men and women can have a mismatch between self-reported arousal and genital measures of sexual arousal. In other words, sometimes we don’t feel aroused but our bodies have an arousal reaction, and vice versa: sometimes we can feel aroused but our bodies don’t join the party.

This phenomenon even has a name — arousal non-concordance. I wrote about it here.

Equipped with this knowledge, no one should ever feel shame or inadequacy for not having enough, or any, natural lubrication.

What if I used to be more naturally lubricated and now I’m not? Is there anything wrong with me?

Even if you live as close to nature as anyone possibly can, living a minimalist purist lifestyle, your natural lubrication would still change with your natural life rhythms.

A perfectly fit and healthy woman’s hormones change with her cycle, with age, and also with different phases of her sexually-active relationship. (I’m not mentioning hormonal medication as this is not ‘natural’ enough for our purist example).

Hormonal changes are accepted to be affecting the amount of vaginal lubrication

One can conclude that some women would feel more naturally lubricated at some instances and less on others. 

So it’s completely normal to be more lubricated close to ovulation, for example. Or at the start of a relationship.

It is normal. And you are normal if it happens to you.

So we established that the amount of lubrication your body produces is not — I repeat, not — an indication of your arousal levels.

On top of that, and even if your body does produce enough lube to have fun with your partner, having more lubrication than what is required can rarely do damage (unless you use the wrong type of lube. I’ll get to that later).

Extra lubrication actually feels super-duper nice.

The right type of lube makes things just so much more pleasurable that even if you have enough natural lubrication, adding a bit more is actually fun.

Why should we feel uncomfortable adding pleasure to sex, which is supposed to be all about pleasure anyway?…

So it’s established. Lube is good. Use lube whenever, OK?

Which lube should you use?

Now the question remains, which type of lube.

There’s oil-based vs silicone-based vs water-based, all with their pros and cons.

Without getting into all the nitty-gritty details, each lube needs to be considered based on how you have sex.

Basically, oil ones are a no-no if you’re using condoms; silicone ones are a no-no if you’re using them with silicone-based sex toys; water-based tend to dissipate relatively quickly.

So it’s important to use the right type for you.

Personally, I’m a natural type of woman.

And my consumerism is a reflection of that.

I usually choose organic, fair-trade, environmentally friendly products. And animal cruelty-free if possible. Even when it comes to my sex life.

A dab of pure coconut oil can go a long way and I often apply some after my shower and before having sex.

But, as mentioned earlier, oil-based lubrication can damage condoms. As a conscious consumer, I’m in the market for the most natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, social-aware, animal-loving company to buy from.

My personal preference is a company called “Good Clean Love“.

(Disclaimer: I am an affiliate, which means I get a few cents if you end up purchasing from them. And you could also get a 10% discount if you use the discount code MAYA10 at checkout)

There is more than one reason that I recommend their products, though.

This company is fully on board with the revolution of caring not just about the profit, but also for so many other things that are dear to my heart.

Their products are as natural as you get; they use non-plastic packaging; they are a leading player when it comes to researching women’s sexual health; they even use real-looking women for their ads. I mean, women with beautiful bodies that probably wouldn’t be seen as appropriate for modeling in any conventional marketing strategies.

But the best part of all in my mind, is that they promote mindful, slow sex.

Reading their blog I sometimes think I could have written their articles myself…

I was approached by different companies in the past to collaborate and I always refused, because I usually find something in their message that I don’t like.

When it comes to Good Clean Love, though, I searched and searched for something that I don’t like – and instead, I found I only like them more…

So there you have it.

If you want to experiment with lube, or if you feel like you might need it, go ahead and check their products here. (Remember to apply the discount code MAYA10 at checkout for a 10% discount).

Or find another company that has a similar attitude and values (if you find one – please let me know!)

Just stop with that shaming, and start using lube freely and joyfully.


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