Today I wanted to share with you a few physical gestures that you can do with your partner to feel more connected to them and show them your love.

Although these are non-sexual gestures, and you can do them any time you like – they can all be done (at least to some degree) while having sex for an extra dose of connection.

Without further ado, let me present you with:

Non-Sexual Touch for Deeper Connection.

The Smiling Eye Gaze:

The eye gaze, (not actually a touch, I know, but I decided to include it here anyway. So there you have it) in which you look into your partner’s eyes with admiration and intent, becomes ten-folds as connecting when you add a genuine smile to it.

I’m not talking about the “Say CHEESE!” type of fake smile. I’m talking here about the smile that naturally comes to your face when you suddenly realize the beauty of creation… You know, those moments of grace that leave you in awe… That kind of smile.

Next time you look at your partner doing something completely benign, and you notice them looking back at you, smile at them as if they are the God-given gift that they are.

Do this at least once a day for a huge dose of connection.

And double-points for doing this while having sex.

The full-of-love hug:

You can never have too many hugs.

Make sure to hug your partner as often as possible.

But there is one hug technique that you really oughta master to make it more connecting and loving than your normal-everyday hug.

For this hug, it helps if you imagine that this is the last hug you will ever give and receive from anyone. Ever.

You want to have full contact with your partner for this hug. Try to adjust your height as much as you can to theirs (stand on your tippy-toes if you’re shorter than them or bend from your knees – not from your neck – if you’re the higher one) so that your torsos and hearts are at the same level.

Next, take your time to wrap your arms tightly over your partner. Don’t squeeze them too tight, though. And leave your arms wrapped around without moving or fussing about.

Next – close your eyes and stay still.

Take a few deeper than normal breaths.

Sink into this hug of stillness.

Stay for a few moments before slowly moving apart and going about your day.

And although this hug could lead to wanting somethimg more erotic and even sexual – please, don’t only hug this way as foreplay. Hug this way at least once a day and then move on with your day.

Oh, and extra points if you end the hug with the smiling-eye-gaze 🙂

The Casual Finger Interlacing:

This is my personal favorite when walking hand in hand with my partner (highly recomended).

But you could also do it whenever you and your partner chat, about whatever it might be. Just go a bit closer to them and interlace your fingers into theirs. Either one hand or both, whichever feels more comfortable at the moment. And continue chatting as usual.

This could be even more connecting when you have a heated debate (AKA a fight).

When physically connecting with your partenr while you’re disagreeing or even arguing, you’re signaling to them that although you’re having a bad moment in your relationship, you still value them being in your life. You’re basically giving them love even in the moments when they least expect to receive it. Not many things are more connecting than that!

Non-sexual touches are a beautiful way to communicate your love and strengthen your connection to your partner.

Have as many of these as you can scattered throughout the day.

And make sure they do not turn into anything sexual (well, okay, maybe only every now and then…)

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