Don't let anyone mislead you to think that your body needs to be different. Your body is gorgeous just the way it is.

Instead of investing your time in changing your body, invest your time in connecting and listening to it.

Your Amazing Body

Your Body Is a Miracle.

It's time for you to respect it, cherish it, and admire it just the way it is.

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I often ramble about my own issues with my body...

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When my daughter started walking, it was obvious to me that she needs to stay

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In a recent article, I hinted what my views on abortions are. Truth is, I


One or two days late is not even a thing. Doesn’t need to be mentioned.

The Late Period.

When you make love mindfully, not every moment is blissful and magical. Last night I was

Amazing, imperfect sex.

I wanted to write this blog post since way before I started my website. It’s

Bloody Period.

I didn’t expect to add another part to my jade egg review, but last minute

Jade Egg Review – Part III

Last week I wrote the first part of the jade egg review. I mentioned you

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A couple of weeks ago I asked you if you would like to read my

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No discussion about fully enjoying our sexuality can be complete without addressing the important issue of the health

Vagina Self Care

Mostly, when I write about body confidence, I focus on feeling confident with the way

Trust your Body – Choose your Contraceptives Wisely!

Last week I had the flu, and I finally got myself to watch Michael Moore’s

Some Rambling on about Body Image

Lately, I feel like there’s too much stuff that I want to read and don’t

Connecting to our Body Exercise – Free Download Inside

Do you know your lady bits? Those parts of the body that are not meant

Do I Need to Love my Lady Bits?

But I admire her for the courage to stand totally naked in front of the

I Have (Pretty Much) Nothing in Common With This Lady, But

In this blog post, I will share my thoughts about feeling sexy. When I use

Feeling Sexy

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