Your Body: Know and Love It.

The most surprising truth you need to understand about your body is that it doesn’t need to look a certain way in order for someone else to be attracted to it.

The important people in your life will love your body, and will think it is the most attractive body ever, as long as they have deep feelings toward you.

Here are a few articles about your amazing body:

If you want to know more about your body, the Women’s Sexuality Online Conference has two models and 7 interviews dedicated to the topic. You can listen immediately to all of them for free here:

In order to enjoy sex, you don’t have to know everything about your body. But it won’t hurt to educate yourself about a thing or two, either…

And when it comes to loving your body – as it is, right now – well!…

This might just be the secret to allowing yourself and someone else to enjoy your body completely.

If you carry your body with confidence and care, other people will find it gorgeous.

It’s true, not everyone will like your body.

But not everyone needs to: only those who actually matter.

I often blurb about my own struggles with my body, but at the same time I learn how to love it. And my confidence attracts the right people into my life.

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